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Violin and Cello Camp

Study with professionals. Fall in love with music. Experience the fun.

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StringTime is an all inclusive educational experience which will develop a truly well rounded musician. In addition to private instruction, students will participate in music theory and music history classes, compose their own pieces, collaborate with others in chamber music and large ensemble, and let out their energy in games and activities that enrich and enhance their musicianship.


In order to learn a performing art, students must perform! StringTime students will end their session by performing a full recital on a real stage in front of a live audience. They will play alongside both their peers and their teachers. All are invited!


Our students will not only learn how to play an instrument: they will fall in love with music. We choose music that kids will enjoy and tailor our curriculum to fit their needs. Every day our world class faculty will perform for the students, instilling the belief that classical music is beautiful, unique, and relevant. 


Now Enrolling: Winter Camp 2022 

It's all the fun of summer camp...but in the winter! Join us for a four day, holiday themed learning experience where students will participate in classes, rehearsals, lessons, games, and more. Winter Camp will culminate in a festive performance given by students and faculty. You're invited!

Meet our Teachers

We've played on some of the world's most famous stages, studied with some of the best musicians alive, performed hour long concerts from memory, and won scholarships to extremely competitive programs. How did all this happen? Because our teachers invested in us and we fell in love with music. Now it's our turn to do the same.

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"I would highly recommend StringTime. My daughter is a total beginner with the violin. She learned an impressive amount in one week. She came home happy every day, thrilled to show us everything she'd learned. Lourdes and the team of teachers are very competent and create a beautiful atmosphere for learning. They ensure that children of various musical levels are all challenged and encouraged in their skills. By the end of the week of camp, the children had prepared a truly lovely 30 minute concert in company with the teachers. This program is worth every penny!"

Rachel Medefind, Parent

“If you want to come to StringTime, do not be nervous because it is SO. AWESOME.”

Lucy (Age 9), Student


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